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Match Report: - Wednesday 30th January
Greyhound 6 - 6 The Nomads

Posted: Thu 31st January @ 20:05

As the season draws to a close, Nomads face Greyhound and AA Winds both home and away, and first up is Greyhound away; a team that has never defeated the mighty Nomads as they've won one and drawn one against the Greyhound already this season.

Apologies for no video from tonights match, it can be become quite cramped in the Greyhound so wasn't able to capture the action. The match got off to a rocky start for the Nomads as Dave S, Andy S and Kneil S battled incredibly well throughout the first 3 frames, however just didn't quite have the run of the ball and gave the first 3 frames of the match away to the Greyhound. Nomads Paul B also got off to a rocky start, then all of a sudden from nowhere pulls off one of the best clearances of the season and finished in style with an incredible long black under awkward cueing to win. Roy C also pulled off an amazing long pot on the black for frame 5 and after a scrappy start Daz S levels the match at 3-3 after winning frame 6.

In the second half Greyhound managed to clinch frame 7 until Andy S and Paul B both managed to win frames 8 and 9 to give the Nomads a 5-4 lead. Despite playing well, Alix S and Dave S once again struggled to find the pace of the table and didn't quite get a good run of the ball leaving the Greyhound taking the lead once more at 6-5. Nomads man of the match tonight has to be Roy C who not only won 2 out of 2, but also under pressure managed to secure the last frame of the evening giving the Nomads the 6-6 draw they desperately wanted after falling behind.

Not the best performance tonight from the Nomads, however there are still 3 frames left of the season including a rematch with tonights opponents, the Greyhound.

The draw for the rest of the season is now finalised so please familiarise yourself with the fixtures. Don't forget to leave your comments below and check out the score card for a full frame by frame rundown of tonight's match.

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