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Match Report: - Wednesday 28th November
Greyhound 5 - 7 The Nomads

Posted: Sat 1st December @ 18:05

Another fantastic victory for The Nomads as they defeated the Greyhound on their own turf after only managing a draw when the teams first met during the first match of the season.

The Nomads looked to be in fine form with Andy S opening things up with another win in the first frame along with a great clearance from Dave S to win the second. Greyhound did manage to stop Nomads in their tracks as they won frame 3, but not for long as Alix S and Daz S secured a comfortable 4-2 lead over the Greyhound at the end of the first half.

The second half was a little more unsettled as both teams took turns in winning every other frame. With the scores at 5-4 in favour of the Nomads, Andy S steps up to the table for the all important frame 10 knowing that to secure any kind of victory, this frame had to be won otherwise the Nomads could only manage a draw at best. That in mind, Andy S broke off and managed to clear the whole table in one visit to claim his first ever dish off the break for the Nomads and also giving the team a real golden opportunity of winning the match as they lead 6-4.

Dave S managed to pick up the final frame of the evening as his opponent potted the white giving him the opportunity he needed to seal victory for the Nomads with a 7-5 win over the Greyhound, making it 2 wins in a row for The Nomads and finally gaining a position in the league table.

Nomads man of the match tonight has to be Andy S with an incredible dish off the break with such a difficult final black and also managed to secure 2 wins out of 2.

Apologies for the lack of video for this match folks, hopefully anybody that's played at the small room out the back of the Greyhound in Bredbury will understand why and will hopefully bring you some more video highlights next week.

Don't forget to leave your comments below and check out the score card for a full frame by frame rundown of tonight's match. Also check out the fixtures for details of next weeks match.

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