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Match Report: -
Wednesday 13th February: - The Nomads 10 - 2 AA Winds
Wednesday 20th February: - The Nomads 6 - 6 Greyhound

Posted: Mon 25th February @ 23:05

Well that's another season wrapped up for the Nomads and another successful promotion at that.

In the end of season supplementary games, Nomads faced AA Winds who they managed defeat comfortably despite 'Winds having 2 players short on the night.

The climax of the season was a tense match against Greyhound where the Nomads held a comfortable 5-2 lead, however Greyhound came back fighting as ever to claim the next 4 frames in a row and to take a 6-5 lead over the Nomads. Nomads Dave S managed to seal the last frame to level the match at 6-6.

Overall a fantastic season for The Nomads, they had a bit of shaky start, however they came back fighting strong in the second half of the season and currently stands at 9 matches unbeaten equalling their record back in 2010.

Massive well done to Andy S, who has done a fantastic job guiding the team to promotion in his debut season as captain and also smashed his record of personal victories with 20 wins winning just under 60% of his matches.

As the Nomads achieved promotion over the past couple of seasons, they've also been entered into the 'Champion of Champions' tournament so stayed tuned for that. Don't forget to leave your comments below and check out the season results to see how we did against other teams in Prem 3

The Nomads vs AA Winds - Wed 13th January 2013.

The Nomads vs Greyhound - Wed 20th February 2013.

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