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Match Report: -
Wednesday 09th January: - The Nomads 6 - 6 Cheadle SC
Wednesday 16th January: - Crown 5 - 7 The Nomads

Posted: Tue 22nd January @ 22:05

After the christmas and new year break, the Nomads got 2013 in full swing as they drew against Cheadle SC and beat Crown in the first 2 weeks of the year to go undefeated in the last 4 matches.

The first match against Cheadle SC was very close as they matched us frame for frame right the way through to the final frame in a match which the Nomads could perhaps have won had it not been for a number of unforced errors. Dave S dished from the break in frame 10 to level the match at 5-5, then Daz S finally managed to sink the black in the final frame for the 6-6 draw.

The Nomads had to step up a gear in their second match against Crown as they suffered a 7-5 defeat to them in the first half of the season and are currently placed within the the top 3 in the league. Andy S secured the first frame with a fantastic double on the black and Dave S secured the second with another dish off the break making it back to back dishes. More mistakes from the Nomads allowed the Crown to come back strong by winning the next 5 frames in a row and The Nomads responded by also winning the next 5 frames in a row for a 7-5 victory over the Crown.

Don't forget to leave your comments below and check out the score card for a full frame by frame rundown of tonight's match. The next match isn't until the new year so check out the fixtures for details of the next match.

The Nomads vs Cheadle SC - Wed 9th January 2013.

Crown vs The Nomads - Wed 16th January 2013.

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